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Event Recap: [TECH4GOOD: INNOVATE LOCALLY, IMPACT GLOBALLY] Citypreneurs 2019 kicks off at CES Asia!

The Citypreneurs Team at CES Asia

On June 11-13 in Shanghai, China, Citypreneurs took part in CES Asia 2019, the biggest tradeshow in the region spotlighting the latest innovation in AI, 5G, vehicle tech and startups from around the world. This year’s show featured more than 550 exhibiting companies, including more than 115 startups, representing the full technology ecosystem.

Throughout the event, hundreds of global innovators, investors and tech experts stopped by our booth located at the Startup Park to learn more about the SDGs and how they could participate in our ecosystem. EIDWare, one of our winners from our Seoul 2017 competition, joined the team to showcase their ‘Soundmind’ software that provides personalized, at-home training for pre-dementia patients. EIDWare also took part in our ‘Sustainable by Design’ workshop where startups and business experts were invited to explore how to integrate sustainability and the SDGs into their business models.

As part of the CES Asia Conference Program, Citypreneurs hosted three panels on June 12th featuring experts from the public and private sectors, civil society and the UN to discuss sustainability investing, the effects of emerging tech on sustainable development and delivering sustainability through public-private-people partnerships.

During the first session on “Sustainability Investing and Ventures”, panelists explored the pivotal role investors play in accelerating urban sustainability by testing and utilizing frameworks such as the Environmental Social Governance (ESG) evaluations and blended investment models such as the Social Impact Bonds (SIB). Panelists also emphasized that startups that maximize profits while solving crucial social and environmental problems can contribute greatly to impact investment growth.

The second session “Is Emerging Tech Helping or Hindering Sustainable Development” addressed the changing nature of work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Panelists emphasized the need for young people to adapt to shifting needs by engaging in lifelong learning and developing skills such as creativity, teamwork and empathy to facilitate human-centered innovation. They explained that governments would play a crucial role in aligning tech with the SDGs, as they can help build the physical, digital and social frameworks necessary for sustainable innovation.

The third session, “Delivering Sustainability through Public-Private-People Partnerships at the Local Level,” delved into the potential of emerging technologies to improve public service delivery. The panelists provided examples of local government and citizen collaboration to improve quality of living and build sustainable urban growth. Panelists also underscored the importance of achieving greater diversity and gender representation in the tech industry and highlighted best practices such as training hiring professionals and elevating diverse role models.

Check out some photos of the event below:

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