• The Citypreneurs Team


2017 Citypreneurs Top 30 Teams Semi-Final Pitches.

We are excited to announce that this year’s top 30 Citypreneurs teams will have the chance to receive tech sponsorships! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to try out these sponsored technologies and elevate your business model to new heights.

The #TechSponsorship is an opportunity for Citypreneurs start-ups to try new technologies (#AI/#MachineLearning, #InternetofThings, #Blockchain) as part of their #business model. Currently, four tech companies are offering free trials of their technologies as well as mentorship that will allow for smoother implementation of the technology as part of each beneficiary startup’s business model.

Due to the amount of mentoring it takes for a successful implementation, Citypreneurs teams with the best fit with each technology will be screened to try out the new technologies. Selected Citypreneurs teams will be given at least a 4-month period to use the sponsored technology and build a working prototype under the guidance of the tech sponsors. Extensions of the right to use each technology will be negotiated between the tech sponsor and the beneficiary startup. Some technology, i.e. blockchain, can be used indefinitely.

Featured below is the list of official tech sponsors for Citypreneurs 2018: