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As part of our capacity-building component, selected teams can connect with experts from various sectors.

This helps teams to strengthen their business model and gain competitiveness in the market as an SDGs-centered start-up. 



The workshop and consulting sessions allow start-ups to understand local challenges,

and to build their skills from start-up experts. 

The Urban Challenge Workshop is designed to share urban challenges issued by local government organizations in relation to the Citypreneurs themes. It is a chance to explore major urban issues in the local context and to work on idea pitch for instant feedback from city government officials. 

The Start-up Expert Consultation provides a basic guidance to start-ups and connects them to key mentors and experts from four different areas: Leadership and Teamwork (CEO), Technology (CTO), Marketing (CMO), and Financial Management (CFO) are invited to share their knowledge and expertise. 

The Investor Roundtable and Pitch Clinic is an opportunity for start-ups to fine-tune their business pitches prior to the main event. The official Citypreneurs investor panel provides insights and thoughts on elements investors seek and ways for effective cooperation between investors and start-ups. A 1:1 pitch clinic session with mentors offers teams a chance to receive direct feedback and finalize their pitch deck for the main competition. 


As one of the core components of the Citypreneurs Programme, the Mentoring Programme provides start-ups with an opportunity to receive quality advice from local and global start-up experts to explore the intersection between the SDGs and business. 

The Business Model Sessions are conducted with a designated mentor to focus on developing and improving each start-up’s business model, and to gain further insights on the market context. Mentors are assigned based on the team’s field of focus and specific needs highlighted in the application survey. 

The SDGs Sessions are conducted with a trained facilitator to develop competitiveness through three different aspects: (a) problem identification for the city and the UN SDGs, (b) business implementation and strategy, and (c) investment strategy. Each subject includes a list of discussion items to help teams become an SDGs-centered start-up. An SDGs Toolkit is provided to better assist and guide each team throughout the programme.

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