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Impact Collective is a community-driven acceleration program for startups focusing on opportunities in Asia and the Pacific. We invest in, support, and connect startups that are solving global challenges to accelerate positive impact in the world.

Impact Collective was virtually hosted from 4 innovative cities in the Asia-Pacific: Seoul, Republic of Korea / Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam / Singapore, Singapore / Bangkok, Thailand.

Citypreneurs teamed up with the VC community to bring to you Impact Collective. This unique version of Citypreneurs aims to provide direct investments into impact-driven teams who want to scale in Asia.

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2020 Impact Collective  Themes

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Inclusive health and
quality of life

Impact Collective 2020 Theme: Inclusive health and quality of life

Digitalization for equal opportunities for all

Impact Collective 2020 Theme: Digitalization...

Future of work and economic growth

Impact Collective 2020 Theme: Future of Work...

Sustainable agriculture and food

Impact Collective 2020 Theme: Sustainable...

Green energy

and environment

Impact Collective 2020 Theme: Green Energy...

Circular economy and the future of waste management

Impact Collective 2020 Theme: Circular economy...

2020 Impact Collective Catalogue

See more details on the program, participants, policy dialogue, ecosystem mapping and more in the interactive catalogue

**The above is a preview of the 178 paged catalogue**

2020 IC Cohort

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