• The Citypreneurs Team

Ensuring No One Is Left Behind: Social Protection - 2018 Citypreneurs Theme

We seem to have forgotten that social security – meaning the access to services including adequate nutrition, water, sanitation, health, education and housing to enable us to deal with life’s risks - is a human right (see Article 22 of the Declaration of Human Rights). Unfortunately, 4 billion people around the world do not have access to any form of protection at all, which includes 60% of the people living in Asia Pacific.

This is where the need for Social Protection comes in, not only to ensure that no one gets left behind, but also to contribute to economic growth by raising labor productivity and enhancing social stability.The alarming rate at which social needs are growing has also caught the attention of many socially conscious customers and shareholders, who are aware of the fact that not meeting these needs in the near future will pose greater threats to sustainable business operations. The time to act is NOW.