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About the WISE Conference

WISE Conference

Organized by WFUNA, the WISE Conference is a premier event dedicated to showcasing the burgeoning impact startup ecosystem in East Asia, short for the WFUNA
Impact & Sustainability Ecosystem Conference.

The conference aims to position these startups as key players in achieving the UN 2030 Agenda on the global stage, foster international collaboration, and promote sustainable development.

Why Geneva ?

Global Networking

It's a hub for international conferences and events. This allows East Asian startups to network with global experts, policymakers and investors to form partnerships and grow.

High Accessibility

It's a great place for a wide range of countries and stakeholders to meet. This provides a conducive environment for East Asian startups to expand into global markets.

New Opportunities

It's home to the headquarters of major international organizations, including the UN, providing opportunities for East Asian startups to collaborate with them.

Geneva, Switzerland

CICG, International Conference Centre Geneva

Crowne Plaza Geneva


Palais des Nations (The United Nations Office at Geneva)




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Editor in Chief dadkfljdlksl;ajdfkalakldj;aal

텍스트 영어로 통일

Assistant Manager

이름이라 그냥 블랙으로

Programming Editor

Tess Anderson

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